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Inauguration of Community Dental Clinic, The University of Lahore at The Noor Project

The University College of Dentistry and The Noor Project , initiated a joint venture by the name of Community Dental Clinic at the premises of The Noor Project Building in Ali Raza Abad. The center is situated in a rural setting with twenty plus villages in its vicinity. The Noor Project already caters under privileged men women and children. A school, polytechnic institute and medical dispensary are already at campus providing free education and food supplies to the people in need. There was a dire need of dental treatment in the community which is recognized by The University College of Dentistry and thus a community dental clinic is established by our institution to provide free basic dental care to the people of underprivileged community.

The formal inauguration was done on Saturday, 17th of November 2018 by the Chairman UOL Board of Governors (BoG), Mr Awais Raoof, who on the occasion, elaborated the need of such projects in the community and pledged his support for the cause in the future as well. At this occasion, Member National Assembly (MNA), Malik Karamat Ali Khokher, the founder Mr. Khalid and Philanthropist Mr. Amjad Wattu was also present along with Dean University College of Dentistry, Prof Dr. Moghees Ahmed Baig and Medical Superintendent of The University Dental Hospital, Dr. Muhammad Aslam.  At the end, the delegates were given guided tour of the campus by Mr Khalid Naggi, the Managing Director of the facility.

The Community Dental Clinic would provide Dental Services to the members of the society who cannot afford the dental treatment and at the same, the fresh graduates of University College of Dentistry will get “hands on “opportunity to manage commonly prevailing dental diseases in the community.


  • Inauguration of Community Dental Clinic, The University of Lahore at The Noor Project
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