University of Lahore

About Us

University College of Dentistry, located at the north east hub of Lahore, offers facilities for undergraduate and post-graduate training in various disciplines of Dentistry. Well qualified & trained staff, having research based & problem oriented approach towards patient management are part of team at the University College of Dentistry

Our History

Basic Medical subjects are taught by qualified medical professionals at New Campus. Alkhidmat Hospital Mansoora & Social Security Hospital is attached with the University College of Dentistry for clinical training. University College of Dentistry has its own Dental Hospital which provide not only basic dental services but also specialist based dental management.

Mission Statement

The mission of University College of Dentistry is to deliver highest level of education, training, ethics and morality to its undergraduate and post-graduate students and to provide them a platform to face the modern day challenges of managing personal, emotional, psychological and professional components of grooming.

Dean Message

University College of Dentistry offers an integrated curriculum of Dental  Surgery to train doctors who will be prepared to practice general dentistry, to prepare foundations for those who want to specialize in various disciplines of Dental & Maxillo-facial surgery, to produce teachers for next generation and to produce specialists with highest level of competence and professionalism.

HOD Message